Tuesday, March 5, 2013

if you left
my friends would be gone
I could never visit your part of town again
my favourite songs would become heartbreakers
I'm still not sure what I would do with your gifts
I could never watch Harry Potter without thinking
about your voice asking questions about Snape's bad behaviour
I could never drink wine without candlelight
or make sandwiches and coffee for breakfast for someone else
Chinese food would have no taste and
I would lose interest in going out to dinner
pink lipsticks I've bought would end up in trash
and I could never wear my hair in ponytail again
sleepy Sunday morning sex would lose it's meaning
and I would lose the sense of time
because time wouldn't matter if there's nothing to wait for

So please stay even if it's too much
I will become less until I fit in you
you changed me into something I had always wanted to be
a reckless girl so terribly in love

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