Sunday, April 30, 2017

the things you never learn from watching secretary porn

the meeting room is out of water bottles, my heels clicking, your jaw clenching,
supple, luscious,
will this be all, Sir

attach a scanned copy with your number on it through the jars of raw honey,
heavy, sticky,
I lick my fingers clean

I stripped myself down and then I didn't 

very well then, good morning to the man who likes to go back on his words,
loyal, married,
never your intention

tell me more about the sanctity of a promised word while you picture my bones,
naked, delicious,
say my name, say it

it was all about sex and then it wasn't

the door slams closed behind me and I'm about to leave this place for good
too proud, finished,
you forge a lovely intimacy

see my shirt unbuttoned as you kiss your wife's forehead goodnight
dirty, damaged,
dream of Trussardi Donna

it was just a good story and then I met you

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